24K Gold & Anti-aging

Why 24k Gold? 

24k Gold is another ancient beauty secret.  It has been added to the Olive Essence products to help hasten and heighten results– some of which include:  

  •  having the effect of  increasing deep cellular repair
  • slowing the aging process due to the body’s use of gold molecules which repairs DNA damage
  • helping to restore the lost elasticity of tissues
Gold is a natural mineral that is easily absorbed by the body.

USDA Certified Organic

Olive Essence is certified to guarantee customers that they are getting completely natural, organic and healthy skin care products that are devoid of chemicals.
Organic refers to the way the ingredients are cultivated and grown without the use of drugs, hormones or synthetic chemicals.
USDA Organic Certification imposes strict guidelines and requires that a minimum of 95% of the ingredients be organic and the remaining percentage of ingredients be natural.
Natural refers to ingredients which are not synthetically derived but instead, found in nature — not created in a lab.