A drop of Olive a Day Keeps the Surgeons Away!
Since ever, beautiful, glowing, healthy skin has been every woman’s wish. We know, beautiful skin means great general health, but in our modern age we do not have enough time to do the simple things to maintain our body health and best skin. Constant internal and external environmental stress can age us fast! Yup, then we go crazy spending on beauty products, surgery, laser presiders, injecting weird materials not knowing their influence on our health. We are so busy looking for results that we forget to look around us to see the natural product that nature has been offering, again, since ever! Even in ancient times women used it- it’s OLIVE OIL! If Cleopatra and Queen of Sheba were known for their beautiful skin, isn’t it enough reference for us?
 If you didn’t know, let me tell you a few benefits of olive oil and olive extract:
Internal Benefits.
  • Olive oil contains a wide variety of valuable antioxidants, such as Hydroxytyrosol, which is thought to be the main antioxidant compound in olives, and believed to play a significant role in the many health benefits attributed to olive oil; phenol, also known as carbolic acid and phenic acid. These antioxidants help to prevent cell damage (the common pathway for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases).
  • It’s a source of Vitamin A, which is important to our vision, but is also vital to other body systems and functions, as well as Vitamin E (it helps heal, repair and rejuvenate your hair, skin, fingernails and organs).
  • It will help moisturize your body inside and out, and protect you from harmful free radicals.
  • It is gentle on the digestive system and has been known to sooth ulcers. The ingredients activate bile secretion and the release of pancreatic hormones naturally.
  • Promotes a healthy heart. The oil has a high concentration of monounsaturated fats. These are the good fats your body needs, boosting HDL “good” cholesterol, and decreasing LDL, the “bad” cholesterol.
  • Reduces the effect of an oncogene. In laymen’s terms, this is the gene that will turn a healthy cell into a cancer cell. Studies have shown when a tablespoon of olive oil is taken daily it greatly decreases the risk of developing certain types of cancer.
  • It is a known blood sugar controller, making it very beneficial for diabetics.
External Benefits for Your Skin!
  • Apart from containing strong antioxidants, the body’s major defense against free radicals and oxidative stress, the oil is also hypoallergenic, in other words causes fewer allergic reactions, making it perfect for any skin type. It will improve the elasticity– the ability of your skin to stretch and then return to its normal state afterward.
  • When skin is dry, chapped, irritated the oil can be applied to your face, hands and feet, focusing on dry spots such as heels and elbows.
Depending on your needs you can pick an organic olive essence cream that will work for you. Here are some of my picks:
·       Organic Antioxidant DMAE 24K Gold anti-aging cream renowned for its face-lifting qualities. It firms, tightens, and tones sagging, fatigued skin.
·       Olive Essence® Organic Hand Cream will help protect your hands while making them look and feel younger. It will protect your skin against eczema, psoriasis, etc. 
·       Olive Essence® Organic Velvet Foot Nutrient is formulated for quick absorption to soothe parched feet and protect them from drying and roughness.
·       Olive Essence® Organic Body Butter will revive dry, tired skin and bring it to a luxuriously soft, silky condition. It will rescue the skin from harsh daily irritants such as sun, wind, hard water, and environmental pollutants.
·       Olive Essence® Organic Healing 24K Gold Nutrient has amino acids to help the skin recover from free-radicals and environmental stress caused by pollution, sun, malnutrition, and other environmental toxins.
·       Olive Essence® Organic Peptide Complex 24K Gold anti-aging cream is an optimum defense system against premature aging. Its unique oxygenated delivery system facilitates a timed-release distribution of ingredients through the use of high oxygen levels.
·       Olive Essence® Organic Eye Lift Serum with 24K Gold blends olive juice with hydrolyzed elastin, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, and plant extracts to nourish the eye area for a well-rested, refreshed look with minimized fine lines and wrinkles.
·       Olive Essence® Organic Facial Peel with 24K Gold is a safe anti-agingpeel that gently penetrates the skin to help renew skin cells for an appearance that looks relaxed and rejuvenated.
Remember, you can’t stop the time, but you can control aging. Be healthy and make the right choices. 

Organic Olive Essence Now Available in Whole Foods Markets

Certified Organic Olive Essence now available at select Whole Food Markets as well as http://www.homespacollection.com/.

Whole Foods Market Arroyo, Pasadena:
465 South Arroyo Parkway  Pasadena, CA 91105

Whole Foods Market West Los Angeles:
11666 National Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90064

And more store locations to come.

Need help deciding which Organic Olive Essence skin care products are right for you?  Find your skin care concern below.

Excessive Dry Skin or in need of a well-penetrating Night Cream?  Try Organic Essence Olive Gold Peptide Complex.  The intensive, nourishing agents provide hours of moisturizing benefits, thanks to powerful antioxidants that restrain the effects of free-radical damage and premature aging. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-gold-peptide-complex-8

Slight redness? Try Organic Essence Olive Gold Healing Nutrient.  Combines olive juice, fruit extracts, and rich amino acids to help the skin recover from free-radicals and environmental stress caused by pollution, sun, malnutrition, and other environmental toxins.  Will help calm, and restore the skins natural pigment and moisture. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-gold-healing-nutrient-9

Normal to Dry Skin?  Try Organic Olive Essence Gold Facial Day Moisturizer as a part of your every day skin care routine.  This unique, gentle organic day moisturizer pampers skin with natural, nourishing extracts and vitamins to promote soft, smooth skin that is well-hydrated. Works well on all skin types. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-gold-facial-peel-6

Fine lines, wrinkles? Try Organic Olive Essence Gold Antioxidant DMAE.  Renowned for its face-lifting qualities, DMAE firms, tightens, and tones sagging, fatigued skin. The visible effects of DMAE Cream are quickly noticeable. Research shows that DMAE helps slow the natural aging process. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-gold-antioxidant-dmae-4

In need of a gentle peel?  Try Organic Olive Essence Gold Facial Peel.  A safe anti-aging peel that gently penetrates the skin to help renew skin cells.  Top with Organic Olive Essence Gold Peptide Complex or Organic Olive Essence Gold Facial Day Moisturizer for maximum soft, smooth results. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-gold-facial-peel-6

In need of an eye fix? Who doesn’t! Try Organic Olive Essence Gold Eyelift Serum to nourish the eye area for a well-rested, refreshed look with minimized fine lines and wrinkles. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-gold-eyelift-serum-7

Dry hands? Try Organic Olive Essence Hand Cream.  This lush nutrient-rich hand cream is packed with natural shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and healing aloe to help restore your hands to their original youthful appearance and texture. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-hand-cream-3

Parched Feet? Try Organic Olive Essence Velvet Foot Nutrient.  This organic foot lotion is formulated for quick absorption to soothe parched feet and protect them from drying and roughness. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-velvet-foot-nutrient-11

In need of a good body lotion? Try Organic Olive Essence Body Lotion. This Organic Body Butter revives dry, tired skin and brings it to a luxuriously soft, silky condition. http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-body-butter-10
Even the body needs good exfoliation!  Try Organic Olive Essence Velvet Body Scrub.  Soft and gentle, this scrub removes impurities on the body’s surface to reveal skin that is smooth, healthy, and refreshed.  http://www.homespacollection.com/olive-essence-organic-velvet-body-scrub-12

Still can’t decide which products are right for you?  Contact our LiveChat to speak with a skin care specialist today at http://www.homespacollection.com/.

Announcing Black Friday Skin Care Sale

Announcing Black Friday Skin Care Sale
One Day Only! Friday, November 25th

Black Friday has become a faved holiday tradition across the US. The morning after Thanksgiving Day, most major retailers open extremely early and offer huge sales to kick off the shopping season.  In keeping with this tradition, http://www.homespacollection.com/ has jumped on the sale bandwagon.  Who doesn’t want Skin Care Products at a fraction of the price?  Even better, no lines, and no risk of product running out of stock!!!   
Need help deciding what to get? What’s your skin type?
Dry Skin Dry skin is caused by under-active sebaceous (oil-producing) glands that do not produce enough oil to keep the skin naturally lubricated. It usually feels flakey, dry, itchy and is sometimes sensitive and dull looking. Dry skin must be hydrated regularly from the inside (with fresh water) and outside with rich hydrating moisturizers.
Try these:
Step 1: Cleanse
To begin, The Certified Organic Olive Essence Facial Gel Cleanser was designed to treat dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Enriched with organic olive extract to aid in natural hydration.
Step 2: Moisturize
Next, apply the Olive Essence Organic Gold Facial Day Moisturizer, this unique, gentle organic day moisturizer pampers skin with natural, nourishing extracts and vitamins to promote soft, smooth skin that is well-hydrated.
Step 3: Heal
For everyday use, the ultimate Organic Hydrating moisturizer is the Olive Essence Gold Healing Nutrient. This supple organic healing cream combines olive juice, fruit extracts, and rich amino acids to help the skin recover from dry, chapped texture and past damage. It will hydrate tired skin revealing a soft, radiant tone.
Normal SkinIn normal skin, the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands produce sebum at a moderate rate, resulting in a mainly balanced skin tone, not too oily and not too dry. This skin type is typically not very common; it looks consistently plump, moist, and vibrant.
Try These:
Step 1: Cleanse
Every morning cleanse face with the O2CH Paraben – Free Face Purifier. Massage in circular motions on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin avoiding the eye area.
Step 2: Nourish (Day)
Apply the O2CH Paraben-Free AM Face Nutrient to face and neck. This moisturizer with help protect against everyday environmental stress and hydrate skin.
Step 3: Nourish (Night)
Then, the O2CH Paraben-Free PM Nutrient perfectly balances skin with its combination of rich natural and paraben-free nutrients that enhance your skin’s natural glow while increasing cell turnover. Apply this moisturizer at night after cleansing, it will help your skin look fresh and well-rested.
Combination Skin The combination skin type is described by an oily “T-zone” area, which covers the forehead, nose and chin. The areas around the cheeks, eyes and mouth, is normal or dry. This is the most common skin type.
Try These:
Step 1: Cleanse
First, cleanse skin with the Olive Essence Paraben – Free Facial Scrub, this gentle exfoliant removes excess sebum, oil and environmental debris, while maintaining skin’s natural moisture.
Step 2: Moisturize (Day)
Next, apply the Dermarepair Antioxidant Moisturizer + C – Day Cream to maintain protective and revitalizing hydration all day.
Step 3: Nourish (Night)
For night, after cleansing and removing makeup, apply the Dermarepair Antioxidant Hydroxy Acid + C – Night Cream before bed. This night cream will work while you sleep to keep skin hydrated and diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin will feel smooth and soft in the morning.
Oily Skin- Oily skin is caused by the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands producing an excess amount of sebum. Appears shiny and frequently has large, clogged pores and is prone to develop acne. Despite that, oily skin generally remains younger looking and more supple over time than other skin types.
Try These:
Step 1: Cleanse
Every morning and night cleanse face with the Dermatouch M.E.D. Cleanser. Massage in circular motions on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin avoiding the eye area.
Step 2: Exfoliate (Day & Night)
Apply the Dermatouch M.E.D. Exfoliator to face and neck. Message skin in circular motion and avoid the eye area. This will remove dirt that’s trapped in the pores.
Step 3: Nourish (Night)
Finally, apply the Dermatouch M.E.D. Night Recovery at night after cleansing. It will help promote the skin’s natural moisture and guard against future attacks.
Let the skin care shopping bonanza extravaganza begin!

Spa De Soleil Announces Release of its New Hydra Mar Face Products

Spa De Soleil Releases New Hydra Mar Face Line on

(summary paragraph) Rena Revivo, CEO Spa De Soleil, releases the new Hydra Mar ® -The Mineral from the Dead Sea face care line home spa products at HomeSpaCollection.com.  The new innovative skin line is a refreshing infusion for these hot summer months.
Sun Valley, CA – Rena Revivo (http://renasblog.com/), CEO Spa De Soleil, releases the second phase of her new natural, Parabens-free skin care line called Hydra Mar®- The Mineral from the Dead Sea.  The second phase of her release is for the face section and consists of a full line of home spa face care products that includes Hydra Mar Eye Cream, Hydra Mar Foaming Cleanser, Hydra Mar Facial Scrub, Hydra Mar Magic Mud Masque, and Hydra Mar Facial Nutrient Cream that are available to order at www.HomeSpaCollection.com
This new innovative home spa skin care line for the face gives skin a refreshing infusion of minerals from the Dead Sea, nutritious botanical extracts and rich vitamins during these hot summer months  through exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing. 
“I created the Hydra Mar skin care line to be healthy, simple and powerful with all the products performing together with nature’s best ingredients to prevent and protect the skin from environmental stress. The line was also created to help heal and clear skin of imperfections while leaving it fresh, supple and perfectly pH balanced,” says Revivo.
Good for all skin types, the new Hydra Mar line for the face utilizes therapeutic minerals from the Dead Sea, home of one of the world’s first health spas. The five nutrient packed face products that can be ordered now are:
Hydra Mar Foaming Cleanser –  An intense deep-pore cleanser that does not dry the skin. It gives a soft, balanced, oil- free finish and is fortified with Vitamins C, D3 and E.
Hydra Mar Facial Scrub A deep pore cleansing formula that removes dead skin, and helps heal and nourishes the skin with Vitamins without drying it out. Leaves your skin radiant and young looking.
Hydra Mar Eye Cream This mineral enriched and formulated cream was created to treat the eye area. Uses natural ingredients that nourish and balance the skin. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps reduce puffiness and promotes younger – looking skin.
Hydra Mar Facial Nutrient Cream   Combines rich amino acids and rare mineral to help the skin recover from damage caused by free radicals and hard environmental stresses. Protects and restores skins natural moisture and helps fight dull tired skin.
Hydra Mar Magic Mud Masque Purifies the skin through the treasured minerals of the Dead Sea and helps heal and clear the skin of imperfections. An additional burst of alpha hydroxyl acid works with essential minerals give skin a healthy glow.
The new Parabens-free Hydra Mar face products are available for pre-order at HomeSpaCollection – http://www.homespacollection.com.
Rena Revivo (http://renasblog.com) founded Spa De Soleil Manufacturing, Inc. in 1989 with the mission to create, invent and manufacture innovative skin care solutions using the best possible ingredients. The company has become a leader in USDA Certified Organic skin care products with its premier Organic Olive Essence line.  Revivo keeps her cutting edge through continued research and membership in many professional organizations such as the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the International Spa Association (SPA), National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD), Cosmetics, Toiletry & Fragrance Association (CTFA), the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) and the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA). For more information visit the website or call 818-504-3200.