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The Right Way to Exfoliate Your Skin

A build-up of dead skin cells will give your face and body a dull complexion and flaky itchy skin. Luckily, exfoliating the skin on your face and body twice a week is all it takes to slough off that dead skin and reveal the glowing, smooth and soft complexion hidden underneath.

Tools of the Trade
Forget about overpriced gadgets and odd looking body poufs. The best tools for exfoliating your skin are simple ones that you probably already have on hand. A basic washcloth, a dry brush, and your own hands are your best friends when it comes to exfoliating your face and body.
Use your hands to apply and massage your facial exfoliator. When it comes to your body, start by using the dry brush before you get into the shower. Start at your feet and work your way up your body. Scrubbing your skin before you get your skin wet will help your home spa exfoliation products work better. Once you’re in the shower, use a simple washcloth to scrub your exfoliating product into your skin.
When it comes to choosing an exfoliation product, you’ll want to stick with a brand you can trust, in order to ensure a good experience that won’t over dry your skin. Try Olive Essence’s Organic Velvet Scrub for your body, since it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, and Olive Essence’s Organic Face Scrub for an anti-aging treat that will leave your face looking its absolute best.

Our Solution To Dry Skin.

How often have you noticed that dry and tight feeling, like there is no moisture at all in your skin? Sometimes there’s even visible peeling of the outer skin layer? This means that you have dry skin. What do you say we put a stop to this skin condition? You don’t need to go through expensive procedures or have anyone help you, it’s pretty simple stuff.
Before we give out the “easy-fix formula” we want you to be more educated about your skin and be more aware of what you do to it and why you do it.
Your skin is constantly exposed to all kinds of stress, for instance, cold outside air and heated indoor air that have very little moisture, which contain low relative humidity. And as a result some of us may have peeling or even cracked skin. There are several factors causing dryness of the skin, but you can avoid this condition if you treat it right. Here is a brief summary of the things that cause dry skin and what you should do to keep your skin healthy:
  • Avoid exposing your skin to the cold winter wind. If you must be outside- wear gloves, scarves and warm shoes.
  • Do not take long hot baths too often, because hot water will dry your skin even more. Instead take a quick warm shower.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! As soon as you get out of the shower, pat your skin dry and apply body butter, lotion, or cream (whatever you like better) on damp skin for better absorption.
  • Try staying out of the sun and always use a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. Even in the winter and even if you don’t stay outside for too long.
  • Always use non-soap cleanser for your face. And avoid harsh soaps for the body.
If you have cracked toes use our Organic Olive Essence Velvet Foot Nutrient
For the everlasting luxurious feel of your whole body use our Organic Olive Essence Body Butter 
Silky-smooth hands are just a step away – Organic Olive Essence Hand Cream
And here are the facial products of Organic Olive Essence, based on olive oil extract and essential oils which create aroma therapy for your skin for a perfect feel and look.
All the Organic Olive Essence products are USDA Certified Organic and are hypoallergenic, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals, no allergies…no more dry skin!
Ask questions in the comments and if you have anything to add- please do. 

Effects of Smoking and Drinking On Your Skin

Our skin is the organ that protects us from the outside world. Epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin, is what we should really take care of, as it is where most of skin issues appear. It is subject to be triggered by the environment, damaging UV rays  from the sun and a lot of people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol to top it all off. You might already know that drinking and smoking ruins your inner system, but not everybody realizes what damage it can cause on the outside. In order to keep our skin protected we need to take certain precautions like drinking less alcohol, or better- not drink it at all, quitting bad habits, like smoking and let’s not forget to treat our skin with vitamins by eating healthy and using organic products to help it stay young and increase skin integrity.

Bad habits are called so for a reason. Have you ever heard of the term “smoker face”? Yes, it has been proven that people who had smoked for over 10 years have skin that makes them look older than they really are. Smoking helps the wrinkles attack your face, because you have no defense against them, as smoking cigarettes causes a reduction in the availability of oxygen (which is necessary for all living cells) and the removal of waste products, dead cell fragments etc… which provide the necessary environment for regeneration.

Alcohol and aging are related in several ways and one of the worst is the depletion of calcium caused by drinking. Excessive drinking also harms the body and deteriorates the Vitamin A supply, which helps in generating new skin cells and replacing the dead cells. Alcohol destroys the human defense system, so your skin becomes more vulnerable to infections and bacteria.

A deficiency in oxygen and other essential nutrients allows the development of free radicals which are very harmful for the skin. These free radicals can slowly cause damage to the collagen and elastin contents which are the primary components of healthy and firm skin. This results in the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles.

Tell your kids about the effects of smoking and drinking, because these habits are most likely to start developing among teenagers of 15-16 years old. And as for smoking, it takes about 10 years to show its harm on your skin. Roughly speaking, if your child starts smoking at the age of 15, he/she will look 30 at the age of 25.

Take care of yourself and your skin:

Organic Olive Essence is a USDA certified organic skin care line that is formulated around the age-old medicinal benefits of olive oil combined with newly discovered ingredients and nature’s most precious minerals. Olive Essence products have been formulated to help the skin fight its daily battle against wrinkles and aging. In addition, these products heel and protect the skin from free-radicals by providing a rich moisture barrier against environmental stress, bacteria and harsh pollutants.

STRESS BREAKOUTS : How to prevent and treat!

Stress Breakouts: How to prevent and treat!
By: Spa de Soleil


Breakouts seem to always come at the worse possible time: before an interview, going on a big date, or the morning of your senior yearbook pictures. It may seem these little annoyances are trying to make your life harder on purpose, but your stress can actually be the cause of many of your breakouts. Here is a list of ways you can treat and prevent breakouts do to stress.

1. Stop touching your face
Don’t pick or squeeze pimples, this can make them more inflamed and cause scarring. Your hands collect germs and bacteria on a daily basis that will transfer to your face when you touch it, washing your hands before contact with your face is recommended.

3. Easy on the foundation
Makeup used to cover breakouts can clog pores and cause more pimples and blemishes. Try using a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a foundation with acne fighting properties like salicylic acid.

4. Identify your bacteria housing items
Items we use on a regular basis are one of the main holders of bacteria which can cause acne. It is important to clean these items regularly to avoid breakouts. Here is a list of the most common.

               –Telephone/cell phone : Notice a spot on your cell phone from your face after using it? Even if you wipe it off, the bacteria still lingers, and sticks back on your face when you use it again. You can use an alcohol swab to wipe off residue and bacteria.

              –Pillow Case : During the night, your pillowcase can become filled with bacteria and oil from the hair, skin and mucus membranes of the mouth and nose. Washing or changing your pillows case every week is recommended.

               –Makeup brushes/sponges: Like the phone and pillow case, your makeup brushes are favorite homes to bacteria. Washing your tools with antibacterial soap regularly can help avoid breakouts.

5. Reduce stress –The most obvious way to avoid acne due to stress is to reduce the stress in your life. Your bodies defense systems weaken, when stressed, making it less able to fight off acne causing bacteria. By reducing stress you are minimizing your chances to have breakouts. Here is a list of ways you can reduce stress.

                –Exercise regularly – Exercise helps relieve tension and is beneficial for overall healthy living. It releases endorphins which helps creates a more happy, healthy, stress free attitude.

               –Engage in stress relieving activities – Take a calming bubble bath, stretch before bed, drink green tea, watch a funny movie . Light some lavender or scented candles, dim the lights and lie down to relax.

6. Adopt an acne care facial regimen :
Cleansers, toners and moisturizers containing ingredients like Benzoyl peroxide kill bacteria causing inflammation.

Product Recommendations:

AcneClear Antibacterial Cleanser

This antibacterial face wash is formulated specifically for acne-prone and problem skin to treat sensitivity and blemishes at the source while gently cleansing skin without irritating skin infections. Acneclear Face Wash helps heal and dry blemishes and prevent future breakouts. You can purchase this great product and others like it at :

Dermatouch M.E.D Serum

Dermatouch Natural Skin Care M.E.D. Serum is a specialized, super-strength treatment targeting pimples and zits. It is a vital part of a powerhouse, multiple-step acne treatment that restores skin to health and helps to maintain it. You can find this product and other great products like it at :

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Our Certified Organic Olive Essence Skin Care Line

Organic Olive Essence is a simple and easy-to- use, certified organic natural, skin care line that is formulated around the age-old medicinal benefits of olive oil combined with newly discovered ingredients and nature’s most precious minerals. Olive Essence products have been formulated to help the skin fight its daily battle against wrinkles and aging.  In addition, these products help protect the skin from free-radicals by providing a rich moisture barrier against environmental stress, bacteria and harsh pollutants.

    simple and easy to use
      made with natural, certified organic ingredients
      proven effective for anti-aging and wrinkles
      hydrating and fully absorbable into the skin
     pH balanced to help promote a flawless complexion

Organic Face Scrub is a special formula designed to treat sensitive and dry skin with gentle, yet deep exfoliation, cleansing out impurities while nourishing and toning. Skin will feel and look clean, fresh, and rejuvenated. pH balanced.
This unique, gentle organic day moisturizer pampers skin with natural, nourishing extracts and vitamins to promote soft, smooth skin that is well-hydrated. It works well on all skin types.

Organic Gold Antioxidant DMAE anti-aging cream contains a proprietary blend of amino acids known to increase skin integrity. Renowned for its face-lifting qualities, DMAE firms, tightens, and tones sagging, fatigued skin. The visible effects of DMAE Cream are quickly noticeable. Research shows that DMAE helps slow the natural aging process.
– I am very pleased with the Olive Essence Products. I have the gel cleanser, antioxidant DMAE and the moisturizer. I have rosacea and some acne….It has been very helpful to my skin. The seller of the product shippmy items very fast!! Great service. The items were packaged very nicely! Thank you!
– I have been using this product for 2 weeks and love the results so far. I also have the gel cleanser and day moisturizer. I have sensitive and sometimes dry, but also acne prone skin. I really love this brand (I picked it up at TJ Maxx!) and wish I knew more about it… seems like it isn’t sold in very many places. So far, so good!
Feel your skin come alive as it is rescued from harsh daily irritants such as sun, wind, hard water, and environmental pollutants. This Organic Body Butter from Olive Essence® revives dry, tired skin and brings it to a luxuriously soft, silky condition.

Give your skin the boost it deserves with the Organic Velvet Body Scrub. Soft and gentle, this scrub removes impurities on the body’s surface to reveal skin that is smooth, healthy, and refreshed. Olive Essence® Organic Velvet Body Scrub contains that powerful derivative of the Olive tree.


The Organic Velvet Foot Nutrient is a rich, natural source of shea butter, olive oil, and palm butter. This organic foot lotion from Olive Essence® is formulated for quick absorption to soothe parched feet and protect them from drying and roughness.
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