Effects of Smoking and Drinking On Your Skin

Our skin is the organ that protects us from the outside world. Epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin, is what we should really take care of, as it is where most of skin issues appear. It is subject to be triggered by the environment, damaging UV rays  from the sun and a lot of people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol to top it all off. You might already know that drinking and smoking ruins your inner system, but not everybody realizes what damage it can cause on the outside. In order to keep our skin protected we need to take certain precautions like drinking less alcohol, or better- not drink it at all, quitting bad habits, like smoking and let’s not forget to treat our skin with vitamins by eating healthy and using organic products to help it stay young and increase skin integrity.

Bad habits are called so for a reason. Have you ever heard of the term “smoker face”? Yes, it has been proven that people who had smoked for over 10 years have skin that makes them look older than they really are. Smoking helps the wrinkles attack your face, because you have no defense against them, as smoking cigarettes causes a reduction in the availability of oxygen (which is necessary for all living cells) and the removal of waste products, dead cell fragments etc… which provide the necessary environment for regeneration.

Alcohol and aging are related in several ways and one of the worst is the depletion of calcium caused by drinking. Excessive drinking also harms the body and deteriorates the Vitamin A supply, which helps in generating new skin cells and replacing the dead cells. Alcohol destroys the human defense system, so your skin becomes more vulnerable to infections and bacteria.

A deficiency in oxygen and other essential nutrients allows the development of free radicals which are very harmful for the skin. These free radicals can slowly cause damage to the collagen and elastin contents which are the primary components of healthy and firm skin. This results in the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles.

Tell your kids about the effects of smoking and drinking, because these habits are most likely to start developing among teenagers of 15-16 years old. And as for smoking, it takes about 10 years to show its harm on your skin. Roughly speaking, if your child starts smoking at the age of 15, he/she will look 30 at the age of 25.

Take care of yourself and your skin:

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