Facial Cleanser, Gel or Milk?

There are many different types of cleansers and it is certainly possible to find one that fits your needs. Part of that is identifying your skin type correctly; the other, understanding which cleansers do what and sometimes it’s just plain old trial and error.

What you need, is a cleanser that removes dirt and oil without leaving your face scratchy and tight; at the same time you don’t want any film left behind on your face or it may interfere with the treatments you apply afterwards.
So, your first step is to identify your skin type correctly.
Normal:  This skin type has small pores, a smooth even texture and a healthy color.  Because it is perfectly balanced, it is the most uncommon of skin types.  However, basic skin care is still needed to maintain, as well as to prevent any possible future damage.
Combination:  oily in the T-zone; medium pores with some dry areas — usually on the cheeks; and will occasionally breakout.
Oily:  pores are enlarged and visible; skin appears shiny and is prone to blackheads and blemishes.
Sensitive:  is delicate with fine pores.  It flushes easily and is prone to allergies and frequent rashes or blotches. Sensitive skin usually has a low tolerance to most skin care products.
Dry:  skin feels tight, particularly after cleansing.  It tends toward fine lines, wrinkles and a dull skin tone.
Acne:  most commonly very oily and may have large pores; skin has multiple eruptions in the form of blackheads and/or whiteheads. 
Mature:  characterized by loss of natural firmness and elasticity.  Skin can appear thin and dry– with an increase of fine lines and wrinkles.  Sun or age spots may be present.
Once you have identified your skin type the next step is choosing a cleanser that is right for you. There are two types of cleansers; the milk or “lotion” cleanser and gel cleanser.
The milk / lotion cleanser does not actually contain milk, but has a creamy white lotion-like texture; a consistency usually somewhere between that of milk and lotion. This cleanser is generally excellent for delicate, sensitive skin or skin that is irritated. It is usually moisturizing with a calming effect and will leave the skin soft and supple feeling. Despite their gentleness and creamy consistency, you should still receive a good clean that is residue free.
The gel cleansers are generally effective for giving the skin a deeper clean; this works well for combination-oily skin types. The consistency is clear and looks like gel. Gel cleansers often have various ingredients added to them to make them more effective or to tailor them to a specific skin need. Common ingredients in gel cleansers are salicylic acid & alpha hydroxy acid. However, that is not a rule because the purpose of a gel cleanser is for a deeper clean, so some are formulated with gentle ingredients, too.
Sometimes, you will find a hybrid of both! Such is the case with our Organic Olive Essence Facial Gel Cleanser. It has the deep and effective cleaning power of a gel but the gentle, moisturizing effect of a milk cleanser. It will get your face squeaky clean but without that tight feeling afterward. It is also formulated to work on all skin types.
Can’t go wrong with that! Happy cleansing!
A tip that may be helpful to you: unless your face is extremely oily, do not wash your face in the morning. Water is harsh on the skin and will only dry it out. Cleansing once at night before going to sleep is fine. And please, never use soap on your face!

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