STRESS BREAKOUTS : How to prevent and treat!

Stress Breakouts: How to prevent and treat!
By: Spa de Soleil


Breakouts seem to always come at the worse possible time: before an interview, going on a big date, or the morning of your senior yearbook pictures. It may seem these little annoyances are trying to make your life harder on purpose, but your stress can actually be the cause of many of your breakouts. Here is a list of ways you can treat and prevent breakouts do to stress.

1. Stop touching your face
Don’t pick or squeeze pimples, this can make them more inflamed and cause scarring. Your hands collect germs and bacteria on a daily basis that will transfer to your face when you touch it, washing your hands before contact with your face is recommended.

3. Easy on the foundation
Makeup used to cover breakouts can clog pores and cause more pimples and blemishes. Try using a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a foundation with acne fighting properties like salicylic acid.

4. Identify your bacteria housing items
Items we use on a regular basis are one of the main holders of bacteria which can cause acne. It is important to clean these items regularly to avoid breakouts. Here is a list of the most common.

               –Telephone/cell phone : Notice a spot on your cell phone from your face after using it? Even if you wipe it off, the bacteria still lingers, and sticks back on your face when you use it again. You can use an alcohol swab to wipe off residue and bacteria.

              –Pillow Case : During the night, your pillowcase can become filled with bacteria and oil from the hair, skin and mucus membranes of the mouth and nose. Washing or changing your pillows case every week is recommended.

               –Makeup brushes/sponges: Like the phone and pillow case, your makeup brushes are favorite homes to bacteria. Washing your tools with antibacterial soap regularly can help avoid breakouts.

5. Reduce stress –The most obvious way to avoid acne due to stress is to reduce the stress in your life. Your bodies defense systems weaken, when stressed, making it less able to fight off acne causing bacteria. By reducing stress you are minimizing your chances to have breakouts. Here is a list of ways you can reduce stress.

                –Exercise regularly – Exercise helps relieve tension and is beneficial for overall healthy living. It releases endorphins which helps creates a more happy, healthy, stress free attitude.

               –Engage in stress relieving activities – Take a calming bubble bath, stretch before bed, drink green tea, watch a funny movie . Light some lavender or scented candles, dim the lights and lie down to relax.

6. Adopt an acne care facial regimen :
Cleansers, toners and moisturizers containing ingredients like Benzoyl peroxide kill bacteria causing inflammation.

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