The Right Way to Exfoliate Your Skin

A build-up of dead skin cells will give your face and body a dull complexion and flaky itchy skin. Luckily, exfoliating the skin on your face and body twice a week is all it takes to slough off that dead skin and reveal the glowing, smooth and soft complexion hidden underneath.

Tools of the Trade
Forget about overpriced gadgets and odd looking body poufs. The best tools for exfoliating your skin are simple ones that you probably already have on hand. A basic washcloth, a dry brush, and your own hands are your best friends when it comes to exfoliating your face and body.
Use your hands to apply and massage your facial exfoliator. When it comes to your body, start by using the dry brush before you get into the shower. Start at your feet and work your way up your body. Scrubbing your skin before you get your skin wet will help your home spa exfoliation products work better. Once you’re in the shower, use a simple washcloth to scrub your exfoliating product into your skin.
When it comes to choosing an exfoliation product, you’ll want to stick with a brand you can trust, in order to ensure a good experience that won’t over dry your skin. Try Olive Essence’s Organic Velvet Scrub for your body, since it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, and Olive Essence’s Organic Face Scrub for an anti-aging treat that will leave your face looking its absolute best.

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